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From the middle grade fantasy books, The Bone Grit Historeum

“Woah!” Dwyn cried. “Didjya see that!”

Lian sat back. “It’s just a Valador.” On their inquisitive looks, he explained, “A Valador’s a beast that actually flies into the heart of a storm rather than hiding from it.”


Lian shrugged. “No one knows for sure. The poets say that it seeks its true Self in the calm of the storm. In Lanlynne literature it’s often depicted as a symbol of inner strength.” 

As soon as the words came out, he and Root looked at each other. It was in their eyes and concurrent smiles. Instant and unanimous…

“Valadors!” they both cried.

Dwyn paused, considering the name. He held out his flattened hand. Root and Lian humoured him, layering theirs on top. With an earnest flare Dwyn launched into…


Valadors from land to sea

Upon the wings of Victory!


His Bondmates blinked. 

 “Add corny to Dwyn’s list, Lian,” Root teased.

“And poetic genius,” Dwyn added.

Miist (Book One of The Bone Grit Historeum)

Valador from the children's fantasy books, The Bone Grit Historeum
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