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The Fascinating Ritual of Trial

From the middle grade fantasy books, The Bone Grit Historeum

Rival Rings from the middle grade fantasy books, The Bone Grit Historeum

The monarchy of Lanlynne was settled by way of Trial, an ancient custom whereby initiated Rivals competed in a series of Jury led challenges.


Rivals were those who passed initiation and were therefore considered worthy to compete.

Eternal Virtues

Many ages ago Lanlynnians decided upon the virtues that were most important in governing their country. These sacred values were expected to be honored by the country's monarchs. In order to ensure this, the great forging Pyrists of Aureus, were sought to craft Rings whose power would heighten under one who acted in line with the Eternal Virtues. These Rings were given to Trial Rivals, who later became known as Ring Rivals.

Rival Rings

 Imbued with the Eternal Virtues of Lanlynne, each Rival Ring was crafted to not only aid the Rivals in their challenges, but to simultaneously maintain a loyalty to Trial itself. In this way the Rings enforced Trial through to the end and ensured a victor.  


During Trial, various feats were arranged by a Jury of revered Pyrists, each one representing a particular virtue. A Rival was to succeed in the feat and therefore win the Ring of his or her challenger.

Reckoning Sun

On the last day of Trial, deemed the Reckoning Sun, the Rival who had won all the Rings, became the new Monarch of Lanlynne.

Rival Rings
Ring Rivals
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