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Quill from The Bone Grit Historeum, a magic adventure about a girl Finder

The HaloEm were powerful winged stags who once roamed Lanlynne in great numbers. Their bodies were large, majestic and muscular with iridescent wings that spanned the length of two men. Unfortunately, these mighty beasts were hunted for their power to the point of extinction.  

During their existence, the HaloEm were known to form deep bonds with select humans. At a certain point in this companionship, the HaloEm would offer a single quill from their wings. This quill would enhance the human's strength and agility a hundred fold. 

Not a lot is known of the HaloEm as access was only given to a rare few individuals. Their quills have continued to be sought however, with the belief that only a handful survive.

HaloEm Quill

"A silver spine with sparkling iridescent feathers that seemed to have captured an entire light spectrum in their soft firm plume."

Quill (The Bone Grit Historeum)

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