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"These books are magical, exciting and best of all funny! A must for the young adult fantasy crowd!"

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"The perfect combination of humor and thrills in this epic  fantasy adventure that my middle graders can't get enough of!"

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"A long overdue elixir for fans of wizards, witches and Hobbits alike!"

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The odds of surviving the cruel streets of Shade Howl are dwindling daily for a young scavenger named Root. But something very strange happens during the national Festival of Birthday. Somehow Root ends up with, not one gift (as is lawful) but three. Three gifts!

The first is a tiny woman in a box with a decidedly fancy invitation to a decidedly official order called the Clade of Acquisitions.

The second is a mysterious coin.

And the third…is the gift of magic!

Will Root master the perilous challenge of their call? Or be doomed to remain a lowly scavenger forever? 

“Not simply a funny tween book with nifty magical objects and creatures, Miist is an adventure that celebrates friendship, self esteem and courage. Highly recommended for middle grade classrooms!”

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