Root Karbunkulus

From the middle grade fantasy books, The Bone Grit Historeum


Bone Grit in the Clade of Acquisitions 

Bond - Valadors


 Notable pumpkin colored hair

Lover of animals (except Kluk the Rooster, who is a jerk)


Always hungry

An affinity with troublemaking

 Lousy with weapons (especially IceBlades)


A top Finder in the Clade

Took down the Soot Market

 Only living receiver of the HaloEm's Gift

Witsing inanimate objects




 Was found in the woods by the Aunts who kept her for a maid and scavenger at the Jobbery


Was separated from her parents during the war and does not know anything about them other than her mother had a streak of blue in her black hair and that she had tried to save Root by putting her in a Nest. Unfortunately said attempt was thwarted and Root landed instead in the hands of the Aunts

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