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Explore the Unique Wonder of Lanlynne Life

GrandWich-Food from the fantasy adventure books, The Bone Grit Historeum
Straw Jolt-Food from the fantasy adventure books, The Bone Grit Historeum


Chorm and Chuck-Drinks from the fantasy adventure books, The Bone Grit Historeum

In the middle grade fantasy book series, The Bone Grit Historeum, Lanlynne was an island in the Pacific ocean, southwest of what is now known as Canada. Its temperate rainforest allowed for mild temperatures but the occasional snow storm was not uncommon in the central and northern regions. Lanlynne enjoyed a beautiful landscape of mountains, forest, rivers and lakes. But what made it most unique was its abundance of an extraordinary magical substance its inhabitants called Ember, which granted one magical abilities.



The island of Lanlynne was, until recent years, governed by a Monarch whose crowning was won via the ancient tradition of Trial.


When the Silent Enemy, Vor attacked and the country fell into the chaos of the Weeping Wars, Studaben Picklepug loopholed his way to power as the Guardian. This was to be a temporary placement, but under his rule, Trial has all but vanished as a ghost of the past. Even so, there are those who seek its resurrection. 

With the help of the Ring Riders, Vor was defeated but a new enemy emerged: Kakos of Norkeep, whose evil notoriety gained him the title of Murk Lord. He attacked the Citadel and swept the country into the Resounding War. 

After many long years of battle, culminating in the tragedy of The Black Hills, Lanlynne found itself in a Cold Truce between factions, one that is precarious at best.

All it would take is one careless move to tip the scales and bring Lanlynne back into a deadly war. Unfortunately, that one thing is the Clade of Acquisitions. 

Festivals of Lanlynne

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