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Hovermutt from the children's fantasy books, The Bone Grit Historeum

Hovermutts are a common form of transportation in Lanlynne. They volunteer their services and choose their riding companion via the tradition of Selection, which is often shepherded by a Hover Keeper

     “Ah good, you’re all here.” Benoline Crabbit arrived with

a tall box. He tipped it over and sat on it. “Now then before we get on with Selection, you must acquaint yourselves with the unique qualities of these fine beasts. A Hovermutt’s loyalty is fierce. Once a choice is made, it will allow no other on its back unless with agreement. This is an honour never to be taken for granted…”

     Root could not believe she was going to get a Hovermutt of her very own, something she’d only dreamed about. She gazed adoringly at every single one. Choosing seemed impossible.


    Every kid jumped as a grey Hovermutt swooped past, by far the fastest in the field. 

     “I want that one!” Kor whispered. 

    “…And they will be your closest ally, your most reliable friend, indeed your companion for life.” Benoline Crabbitt ended with a sentimental sigh. “Now then, I believe it’s time for Selection.”

 Hovermutts of the Clade


 brindle colouring, always getting into something (like Bulk Poo)  

Companion: Root Karbunkulus


grey with white tips on ears, long lashes, the herder of the pack

Companion: Dwyn Puffler



enormous, very drooly, a champion Noser

Companion: Lian Blick



 white fluffball, the best digger in all of Lanlynne

Companion: Spoiler Alert if you've not read Tome (book 3)



 longhaired, floppy ears, a gentle soul

Companion - Tamik



 tall and muscular with loose folds of skin, the adventure seeker.

Companion:  Fawn


 extremely old, bad breath, 

Companion: Ernest Skubblenob

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