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Hilly Punyun

From the middle grade fantasy books, The Bone Grit Historeum


 Bone Grit in the Clade of Acquisitions 

Bond - The Pinks


Daughter of Clade Jurist, Hyvis Punyun

Considered to be rather snooty and spoiled 

Was raised by her mother, Hyvis and a distant father, Belmfort, the estate tycoon who traveled for business and one day did not return


Has twenty-seven tiaras of differing colour, depending on her fashion trend at the time, which of late has been Pink



Remarkable fashion sense

 Getting what she wants

Made her Rover Cannonball for a HaloEm Quill

Her mother's power






An only child


Went to the same Scholarly as Lian, but never in his circles. She was elected the Social Sovereign and spent more time dating and scheming than Kindling her Pyre. She has crafted a fair amount of the more challenging Perse Stamps however, so her Heat is kept somewhat thermal.

Witnessed the Deathling murder of Lian’s sister, Jadia, but did not come forward for fear of retaliation from the Deathlings. To this day, no one knows she saw it.

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