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According to research, students really can read with their ears.

Listening to an audiobook while reading along has many amazing benefits for kids.

1. It increases word exposure and improves vocabulary.

2. It builds background knowledge.

3. It reduces working-memory deficit.

4. It removes printed word decoding anxiety.

5. It increases comprehension.

6. It develops grade-level appropriate content knowledge.

7. It gives students educational independence.


Click the pic and get your students reading with Kamilla today! 


If you would like to learn more about the advantages of using audiobooks in the classroom to improve reading scores, check out this article and more at:

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"The kids love reading along with Kamilla. Her energy and talent keeps them engaged the entire time. They have fallen in love with the story and the wonderful characters she animates so well!"

Anne Bartel - Librarian - Glengarry Elementary School

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