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There are many great cuisine Pyrists in the middle grade fantasy books. Here are a few favorite concoctions!


As you would imagine, a grand sandwich indeed, complete with assorted colors, patterns and flavors. The Grandwich was Crafted by Elinob Pipes and has the distinct ability to compress into manageable bites

Berly's Meltless Globes

Akin to our modern day ice cream cones, only Berly made her scoops stay cold and stay put. The record number of meltless globes on a steeple wafer is 42!

Straw Jolt

In memory of his beloved Hovermutt, the great confection Pyrist, Wengee Warther crafted a straw that, when blown would eject a candy animal. The animal would soar through the air for a few seconds, then drop into your palm (or your mouth if you were clever enough to catch it!). Straw Jolts started as just Hovermutts but quickly grew to include any animal one could imagine

 Drinks of Lanlynne


Lanlynnians love their drinks. Here are a few that you'll likely see in every town and city!



The drink of choice in Lanlynne, enjoyed by young and old alike. This pick-me-up is served hot and steaming with a a bright flame in its centre. The flame bursts into a dust that settles in with a perfect "Aaaaahhh".


Bottled ice cold, this colorful drink follows up with even more colorful belches, the kind that send giant bubbles bouncing in the air. Whole rooms have been known to be filled with Chuck bubbles and more than one person has been lifted off by one!

Vanilla Swig

A frothy concoction of Chuck and extra large Berly's vanilla globes. Served on a plate to catch the dripping foam. Root's favourite drink when she lived in Shade Howl.

Willow Wine

A tradition spiced wine, brewed with a wallop of maple zing.

Oh. My. Mmmmmm...  

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