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Fun Festivals of

The Bone Grit Historeum

 According to the middle grade fantasy books, The Bone Grit Historeum, Birthday is not a mere counting of an individual's years. Nor is it a salute to the day one was born. Birthday is a spectacular annual celebration for all those born -  rich, poor, famous, unknown, young and old and in between.


Traditionally it took place in the Summer season but under the controversial ruling of the late monarch, Bantin, it changed to late Fall. 

It was a splendid affair, yes, with its gatherings and song. CandleCrackers commenced the day, blazing starry trails over morning rooftops. Treat Drizzles hid in bushes and branches, waiting to be found. “Happy Birthday” was put to every greeting and from corner bake stands the deep rich aroma of maple cake drifted heavily.

But the best part of Birthday, by far, was the Gift Shift, those thrilling hours of exchange when gifts were swapped in random, from person to person, all day long until the eleventh hour when everyone in the entire country of Lanlynne got to unwrap their Ender Gift and see what they got.


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