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Kamilla Reid's in-person school visit rates are as follows:


(plus transport and accommodation if needed)


This includes:

One 60-minute presentation with live action book trailer video, powerpoint illustrations, props, costumes, a chapter reading and Q&A

We know it's not always possible to host an author in person, so thank goodness for Zoom! Kamilla's virtual presentation includes as much of the live material as possible such as the amazing book trailer, magical props, a personal reading from Miist, and a fun-filled Q&A!


The cost of an awesome Virtual Visit with Kamilla is 


(for one 30 minute session)

Of course the free Teachers Guide - over one hundred digital pages of cross-curriculum lessons and activities for grades 4 to 7 - is also included for you regardless!

If you would like to book Kamilla for your school or request more information, contact us here.

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We understand that budgets are not always able to cover some or all of the expenses so, with that in mind, we have gathered ideas from teachers, parents and other authors that may help in the raising of funds. 

Share the Expense 

Visiting authors and illustrators often appreciate the opportunity to connect with readers in multiple schools in an area. If your school is stretched to find funds for a full visit, reach out to a neighboring school, library, book club, community center or organization that may be interested in co-hosting the author. Travel expenses can be shared between schools when booked on consecutive days. Kamilla might visit School A in the morning and School B in the afternoon splitting the visit (and the cost)  between two days.

Bake sales

And dunking booths are just a couple of ways to fund raise for a future goal. 

School council/PTA/PTO 

Ask your parent-led organization or community organization to help cover the cost of the author visit. Can they cover travel expenses if the school pays for the author programs? Often, a parent is willing to assist with organizing the visit as well.

Read-a-thon or Write-a-thon

What better way to emphasize literacy and enhance students’ investment in an author visit than to host a read-a-thon/write-a-thon to help bring that author into their school. Set aside one day for students to do nothing but read or write, enjoy partner reading, read alouds, young author readings, etc., and send out a pledge form in advance of the day to raise funds.

Wish List

Add a request for sponsorship/partial-sponsorship of an author visit to the wish list on your class/library/school website.

Local Business

Local businesses and banks often have funds set aside to support community events. Ask if they might be interested in helping bring an author in and promoting their business to parents in return.

In-School Field Trip

Why hassle with scheduling buses and coordinating an off-site field trip when you can have an in-school field trip? Bring an author/illustrator in for a fun-filled day of live performances. For less than the cost of a movie per student, you can expose them to literature and world cultures. A per-student-cost of $3 to $5 can cover some or all of an author’s fees, depending on the amount of students participating.

Spare Change Drive

Ask children to start a penny drive or spare change drive to fund bringing in their favorite author. You would be surprised how quickly collecting coins can add up. Plus, children take ownership and pride in knowing they were part of the visit.

If you have any ideas that have worked for you, please let us know so we can add it to our growing list!

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