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Ember is a powerful magic force that is harnessed and made available for purchase via an Ember Stamp, which stamps an individual's palm thereby endowing them with magic. An Ember Stamp is very expensive and thus those who can't afford one do not reap its benefits. This has caused much unrest in the country of Lanlynne.

Once Stamped, one's Ember can present immediately and powerfully or it may show up in fits and starts. Every onset is different. It typically makes itself known as an uncontrollable outburst of power, often prompted by intense emotion. When one’s Ember arrives it is called a Bloom.

Ember first manifests in full capacity, however its continued magic is dependent upon the individual’s willingness to Kindle it, which means develop it. Thus it varies in temperature or potency. If there is little or only sporadic interest, the Ember will cool.

Perse Ember is the common warm magic used for everyday purposes such as a SpoonStir, in which a spoon can stir itself, or another example would be a self-lighting candle. These deeds require little effort.

Pyre Ember presents as a specific talent or ability in an individual. It can be Kindled with focus and passion to become a very powerful torched magic. A person whose Ember is well-Kindled and strong is called a Pyrist.


A person without Ember is called a Cold. This can be someone who has not been Stamped or someone whose Ember has gone dormant from lack of use.


All Ember can be relegated to Light Heats or Dark Heats, the latter often used for more sinister pursuits.

The Ember Stamp is a physical Stamp that endows a person with Ember.

It can only be used once.

Every Ember Stamp leaves a mark, a living, breathing stencil in one's palm. This is called an Ember Etch.

The Ember Etch continues to change for some time until it finds its perfect pattern, one that best reflects who the truly person is.

The Ember Stamp

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Working Stamps are the magics one puts into practical use.

Much like spells, Stamps are personally crafted commands or incantations through which Ember may be funneled and materialized.

Most Stamps used in Lanlynne are common Dominion approved Perse Stamps. These would be for normal every day purposes and are universal in their crafting. 

Pyre Stamps are specific to a particular talent or ability. Those who pursue their Pyre to its highest degree and become Master Pyrists, may also begin crafting their own original Stamps. This requires intense focus and mastery.


When a Stamp is first crafted, it literally feels warm in the mouth as its words are forming. The actual command or incantation comes on the heels of the crafting. And once the Stamp is mastered, the words are often needed no more.

Many Pyrists license their Stamps as SecondHanders (see SecondHanders below)


The Ember Stamp landed. She felt the quickening press of it in her palm. It was warm. So warm. So wonderfully, magically warm. It tingled with power, sending hundreds…millions of energy pulses through each eager layer of skin. She felt heat swim the veins of her arm, up to her shoulder where it spread like a balmy sunbeam into muscle and tendon and heart.  Even her freckles flared with golden warmth. A wild eruption of goosebumps overtook her entire body. Now she understood what Fledger had meant by sweet fever. 

Root Karbunkulus from the middle grade fantasy books, The Bone Grit Historeum

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SecondHanders are Pyre Stamps that are licensed and sold for public use.

They are handy when someone is in need of a Pyrist's specialty services and has not the ability to craft the necessary Stamp. SecondHanders are also cheaper than bringing in the actual Pyrist for the work.

As with everything, some are of better quality and others less so (shorter shelf lives, unreliability and even rejection). With SecondHanders there is always a ‘buyer beware’ approach.



Once a person has Bloomed, there is a period of time in which he or she must learn to harness their newly arrived and precarious Ember. Often this is done through easy Kindling exercises that gradually increase over time. 

Perse requires modest energy of the person using it and is therefore relegated to easy, routine deeds of common everyday occurrence.

Most people of Lanlynne have relegated themselves to Perse, not wishing to expend themselves and pursue the hotter degrees of Pyres. Reasons are as varied as the people. 


    Pyre presents as an innate talent or ability that is particularly dynamic and powerful. But again its degree of power rests solely on the person’s willingness to foster and advance it.


    It is never too late to Kindle a Pyre. For instance a particular talent may be repressed or ignored for many years, perhaps due to a parent’s disapproval or an initial let down in its development, but it can, at any time be given enough focus to ignite again and raise its degree.

     It is not uncommon to have more than one Pyre and there are many in Lanlynne who do. Pyres can also be passed down through generations and bloodlines.

    Pyres are endless in their variety, from Baking to Wits. 

Perse and Pyre

Unique Pyres of The Bone Grit Historeum

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