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From the middle grade fantasy books, The Bone Grit Historeum

Select servants of the Murk Lord who have been injected with Bulk Blood therefore endowing them with enormous strength and moreover, diminished rational thought.

     “If any victims are found still alive after that, Kakos captures them and pumps them full of Bulk Blood so they can be used for service.”

     “You mentioned Bulk Blood before. What is it?”

     “It’s, as you would guess, pulled from Bulks.”

     “Their real blood?”

     Kouldyn nodded. “It literally changes the cells, making the body bigger, the skin thicker.”

     “Like a Bulk.”

     “Like a grotesque version of a Bulk. But because it’s foreign, there is a cost. To the mind. So the Murk Lord infuses them with it until their minds are completely consumed and their bodies have become unrecognizable.”


Tome (The Bone Grit Historeum)

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