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 In the middle grade fantasy books, The Bone Grit Historeum, the reigning government of Lanlynne is called the Dominion and it is currently under the Guardian's leadership.


Traditionally the Dominion fell under the rule of the monarch who won Trial. But, after the Resounding War, when the monarchy was murdered and the country was in crisis, Studaben Picklepug slipped into what was supposed to be a temporary role as Guardian until such time as another Trial was put forth.  

Most Dominion workers are known as green-collars. The exception are those who work in the law enforcement division; called Badges. 

"All Badges looked the same, with neat beards shaven into grids along the cheeks. Their eyebrows fanned up and out so that even if they weren’t angry, they looked it. The Badge uniform was thermal, grey, and buckled, with the Dominion crest well displayed along the shoulders."

   Miist (The Bone Grit Historeum)

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The Guardian from the children's fantasy books, The Bone Grit Historeum
Slim Pulpit from the middle grade fantasy books, The Bone Grit Historeum

The Guardian

Slim Pulpit

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