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Book no.1
Miist-Book 1 of the children's fantasy books, The Bone Grit Historeum


Volume One of 

The Bone Grit Historeum

ISBN- 978-1-988974-23-1


"Dear Ms. Reid. I and my whole class LOVED the amazing adventure that Root goes on and how you made it so exciting and funny. I would love to have my own Ember Stamp and be a Bone Grit!"
Asha, age 11
Recipient of the Readers Choice Five Star Award and a Kids Pick Seal of Approval, Miist, with its humor and magic is the new fantastical adventure for the ages!
The odds of surviving the cruel streets of Shade Howl are dwindling daily for a young scavenger named Root. But something very strange happens during the national Festival of Birthday. Somehow Root ends up with, not one gift, as is lawful, but three. Three gifts!
The first is a golden box with an invitation to a secret order called the Clade.
The second is a mysterious coin.
And the third…is the gift of magic!
Will Root master the perilous challenge of their call? Or be doomed to remain a lowly scavenger forever?
"Humor, heart and wild imagination! Read this fiercely original series and thank your lucky stars you did!"  Book Buzz

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Volume Two of 

The Bone Grit Historeum

ISBN 978-1-988974-38-5

"I absolutely love this book. I couldn't put it down. I had it finished within 2 days!"  Fenya, age 11


With Fledger's life hanging in the balance, Root has no choice but to return to the Shack. Once there, she discovers the new Clade in full swing with Dwyn and Lian caught up in its calculated swagger. All seems innocent enough. But Root knows better.


In this second Find, the Valadors face not only the maddening antics of a new Rover but a trap in the resin of angry trees, rollercoaster dives in the underwater tunnels of a Drowned City, and a sinister tour of Vulcherk's Zero-th Floor. But as they draw closer to the elusive HaloEm Quill, it is clear that things are not what the Guardian would have them believe. A terrible power is at play, using Dark Ember to unleash not only a ruthless enemy but a secret that will drag Root into unthinkable disaster.

“Absolutely fabulous: the characters, the plot, the fast pace…just wonderful!! The books I purchased for the library are always out!!”

Librarian - Keheewin School

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Volume Three of 

The Bone Grit Historeum

ISBN 978-1-988974-39-2

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A new Rover with a grim history, a mysterious power deep in the murky waters of a bayou, riddles, monsters, and untold betrayals abound as the Valadors unwittingly resurrect more of the Dominion’s dark secrets.


In seeking the Tome of Antiquilus, the Bond is broken, and Root, Lian, and Dwyn face lone journeys where courage and loyalty are pushed to the brink.


In a deadly Prexix den, against brutal elements and starvation, Lian’s survival hinges on a single Echo. Dwyn’s heart is ravaged as he tries to navigate unexpected cruelties, the mocking shadows of a dungeon, and a loss that will grieve him to the bone. Root faces an enemy even worse than the Guardian and finds herself utterly shaken by a most unexpected encounter: love.


Fans can expect the same breathtaking imagination and spine-tingling adventure in this gripping third installment of the incomparable Bone Grit Historeum as the Valadors are dragged into battles darker than they ever imagined.


"My mind is completely blown." Melissa B - Age 13

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